Research: Current Designs
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When researching material for your Major Project, the Internet, as well as books, brochures, etc. can be used to look at similar projects or to get ideas from. It is possible using a search engine to look at sites on the web and to download information that is suitable for your project. For example using a search engine with the words 'timber furniture' lists over 100 sites to investigate. Many of the sites have pictures of different types of furniture from all over the world. The Internet may provide ideas that you may not have otherwise thought of, for your major project. Other websites are available using different key words such as 'original furniture plans'. As well as pictures of projects there are handy hints that can be collected free from these sites.
Original Furniture Plans
Foxs Furniture
Classic Timber Furniture
Pennys Tassie Oak

  • Gather pictures of projects similar to yours.
  • Evaluate each picture by discussing its advantages and disadvantages.
  • Discuss the designs main features, method of construction, layout/configuration, colour, size etc

Board of Studies Standards Package
research designs.pdf